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Tuxuit ~ Removable Satin Lapel

February 20, 2017

Tuxuit ~ Removable Satin Lapel

Choosing a Wedding Day Suit or Tuxedo for Your Big Day?

Your Wedding day is the most important day in your life and you naturally have a desire to look smart and handsome. What you wear on this day in front of the invited friends and relatives is a personal choice and what you have decided to compliment the dress of your bride. Formal men’s suits and tuxedos are two very commonly worn outfits by grooms around the world on their wedding day.


Understanding the Difference

There are very minute differences between a suit and a tuxedo and for the most part, both these attires look just as good. The difference lies in the use of satin in the case of tuxedos. You see the lapel is made of satin while this silky fabric is also present on the pockets and the buttons. Tuxedo trousers carry satin (sometimes) on their sides. Also, grooms mostly wear a bow tie to go with their tuxedo coat whereas it is the long tie that is the preferred choice of the grooms when they have selected a formal suit as their attire. However, the selection of a tie is not rigid or fixed and you are free to wear a long tie even when you have chosen to do a tuxedo during the wedding event. Continue reading to find out how you can have both a tuxedo for your wedding but a suit for life.

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Tuxedo Gives You a Unique and Special Look

Your wedding is a very formal occasion that demands a special dress that is formal and according to the situation. While both the suit and the tuxedo are formal attires, tuxedo wins the race in this regard. You can wear your suit on less formal occasions but it is unthinkable to wear a tuxedo during a birthday party or a business meeting. Your wedding is a very special occasion on which you want to look unique and also different from the rest of the guest. This is where a tuxedo comes in the picture. Also, with all the men wearing suits at the wedding event, it becomes hard to tell who the groom is until he is standing by the side of his beautifully dressed bride. If only there was a way to have both.

Go for the Tuxuit the best of both worlds, ONLY AT 4MENUNITED!

The Tuxuit is what you get when i momma suit and a daddy suit have a baby....joking.....this options allows for a beautfiul satin finished tuxedo for your wedding day, and an option to have that all removed afterwards leaving you with a suit for life. Amazing....we know, practicality meets genius.

How you may ask? Well the Satin lapel whether it’s a notch or peak finish is placed on your lapel in such a way that allows for it to be completely removable by one of our tailors, allowing for a beautiful ceremonial look for your wedding, with a added option of practicality to having the satin removed. This leaves you with a fine made custom suit that you can wear time and time again. Be sure to ask one of our experienced staff for more details. 

See you soon~

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