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The Men’s Suit- Know the Rules, Dos and Don’ts

December 18, 2017

The Men’s Suit- Know the Rules, Dos and Don’ts

There is always a difference in having a suit and having the suit. Men in their life time will need a suit to wear apart from casuals. A man would want a great suit to wear then without a doubt and any man should own a suit which makes them stand out from the crowd.   Buy a Perfect Suit Online       

Owning the right suit will make it worth your money in the end. You might run to your nearest tailors or to the showroom to try out a limited supply of suits available there. But online you get a wide variety and how to know if a suit fits properly on you? Hence while getting a good suit from our site, you will need few tips. 

Buy a Perfect Suit Online

Sometimes it’s very tricky to buy a suit online where that size, lengths, and fits can vary according to the brands. We all know when it is the case of suits there is no such thing as “one size fits all” rule. You have to understand your body type first and also get all your measurements perfect before selecting a suit online. Few rules that you can follow is-

  • Go through Reviews: One way to know whether the suit is good is by going through the reviews from the customers. Check both the negative and positive review given by them. Sometimes the given pictures of the product may not be what it actually feels like when you wear. Our customer review can increase your confidence to buy the product.
  • Examine the products details: know about the product completely before buying it. It’s better to have a good knowledge of the product you get rather than finding out about it once you buy it. We do have a variety of brands being sold for different occasions. Hence make sure you go through the details.
  • Familiarize with the return policy: we have a good return policy. It’s better to know all the rules beforehand to void all confusions.

Once these details are fixed and understood for you, below are some dos and don’ts that you should take care while selecting a suit. Some of these points may not come to your mind, so better read and find out.

The Dos

  1.  Accurate Measurements- the initial and most important deal of getting a right suit is to get your measurements correct. You need to get this right since it will affect the measure of your drop which is the measurement of the jacket and its waist length. Usually, whatever may be the size of the jacket, you should notice that the waist would be one size less than that. This is done by all the retailers as they have a mass production of the product.
  2.  The Structure of Suit: the suits may come with different shapes and 2 or 3 pieces too. Sometimes you find a good suit that you like, the make sure all the pieces are having a desired shape that you need. Make sure you check the shoulder of the suit along with this.
  3.  Check the fit: Most men do not get this right. If you think you can have a larger sized suit and be happy, then you are wrong. See the correct measurements so that the suit fits you snugly. An ill-fitted suit will make you look opposite of handsome in a suit. Getting the right fitting suit will make sure that you will be wearing it and not that you need to wear a suit and that why you get one. 

Making sure if the suit fits is tricky and here are few tips- First you need to see whether the hands go in well with the suit. The buttons should be below your navel when you get a suit with 2 or 3 button suits. The jacket sleeves should end exactly where the base of your thumb reaches your wrist. Make sure that a half inch of the shirt's cuff is shown. And finally, in the leg there should be 1 inch of break.

  1.  Timeless in style suits: you cannot wear a same suit for different occasions. The type and style of the suits vary from different parties. Hence it is better to get a timeless suit and use it for any occasion you need.
  2.  Be Versatile: buy versatile looking suits. This will again help you use the suit whenever you need to. You need to take care of the color, print or fabric of the suit so that you can use it more than once.
  3.  Take care of small things: See that the small details have cared on you suit so that you will have a perfect looking outfit for you. You can check the jacket collar and see if it is stiff and correctly aligned to your neck. Check if the sleeves are correctly assigned to the cuffs of the shirt. Like this know the small thing and take care of them.
  4.  Try different brand and accessories: you won’t know unless you try that which brand will perfectly fit you. Hence make sure to check with different brands of suits. Also see that you give time to find a perfect accessory that go along with your suit. Do not hesitate and you can be smart looking.Best fit men suits online

    The Don’ts

    1.  Do not overlook some features: you might like the suit very much b looks. But make sure you check for all the details and see that you are completely happy with the features. Sometimes the different body types and colors can get messed up when you buy just ignoring such features.
    2.  Do not settle for ill-fit: Fitting your suit is completely necessary and do not go for ill-fit suits and it won’t give a desired result. You might end up looking older.
    3.  Do not forget the shoulders: Pay extra attention to fit of shoulders and see that they do not is droopy.

    One of the first steps towards buying a right suit is a completely trustworthy online store like ours. All you have to do is get your measurements right and go through our products which will be cent percent accurate for you. You need to pay close attention to the details and you will have a perfect suit in your hands at the desired time. There are varieties of brands you can try to get a perfect smart suit for you. Any colors or fabric with different designs are available here for you. After all, you get to buy a suit that will fit you from neck to down and you go on looking quite handsome.

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