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Off the Rack or Custom Made: Which Suit is better on Your Wedding?

February 20, 2017

Off the Rack or Custom Made: Which Suit is better on Your Wedding?

So your undecided on what to do for your wedding outfit?

 Should you select a formal suit off the rack from 4menunited or go for a custom made suit, made just for you from 4menunited? It is indeed very tempting to try some of the latest formal men’s suits available in the market and walk out with one that looks good on you. Despite this allure and ease of buying, more and more grooms are going in for a custom made suit on their wedding.


1.     Off the Rack Vs. Bespoke

There can be no doubt about the latest machinery and stitching techniques employed by the companies selling off the rack formal men’s suits. They are also able to throw a huge variety in terms of designs and fabrics in front of you. However, despite their glitz and glamour, you have to make do with a standard fit and style whereas the custom made suit is always better fitting as it is made according to your measurements. Suit making is an art and a factory made suit can never compare with a custom made suit when compared in terms of fitting.

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2.     Quality of Fabric and Accessories

Have you ever paused to think how readymade men’s suits are so inexpensive and good looking? It is because of the selection of good looking but inferior quality fabric and accessories to create a good impression. On the other only the best quality fabric according to your liking is used for the making of a custom made suit. You can feel the difference in quality when you wear a new, off the rack suit and a custom made suit.

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3.     Be prepared to pay some extra money for that Custom Made Suit

Off the rack suits are made in large numbers on automatic machines using inferior quality fabrics and accessories. This allows the manufacturers to keep their prices down and attract customers in retail stores. If you are desirous of a great fitting suit according to your physique, you have to be prepared to shell out some extra money. This is because the expertise and the effort of the tailor and craftsmen goes into creating custom made formal suit for your wedding.


Take a decision according to the time left and the budget you have set aside for your wedding suit.

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